w) Kuem-Boo Book by Celie Fago


Techniques for applying 24k Gold Foil to Silver using the Ultra-Lite Kiln.

Celie Fago,                                                                                                                                                             “The UltraLite kiln has proven to be the best heat source for keum-boo. Compared to the 1000 watts of a hot plate, the Ultra-Lite’s 250 watts use a lot less electricity. Once hot, the UltraLite maintains a steady temperature in the range of 775–835F indefinitely, the perfect temperature range for keum-boo. Another virtue of this tool is that the heat radiating from the element can be directed away from your hands and face so that working over it is quite comfortable. Not so with a hot plate, the heat of which is uncomfortably close as you work, radiating directly in your face and requiring heavier gloves and frequent breaks. Virtually all hotplates fluctuate in temperature and eventually get below the temperature needed to fuse the gold. After a year's research comparing every heat source I could find including camp stoves, conventional kitchen stoves and a range of different wattage hot plates, I use only the Ultra-Lite Kiln for keum-boo.”