v) The Art of Metal Clay by Sherri Haab


Techniques for Creating Jewelry and Decorative Objects. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the medium designed specifically for crafters and jewelry makers. Step by step using the Ultra-Lite Kiln.

Sherri Haab,                                                                                                                                                                 “I love using the Beehive kiln both to fire metal clay and for Keum-Boo. I make small charms and the kiln heats up quickly providing the perfect firing tool for small projects. I am a little afraid of torch firing so the kiln take away the fear of accidentally melting pieces. For Keum-Boo, I am able to work closely over the heat with a burnishing tool. The heat from the kiln is just the right temperature for this technique. I like using the insert and kiln better than a hotplate.”