World-Class UltraLite Fine Jewelry Kilns



How do I know what the temperature is when Firing Metal Clay?

Sintering of Precious Metal Clays in the UltraLite is accomplished at lower temperatures due to the piece being set directly on the heating element providing for the best heat transfer.

 You will be able to see the piece firing thru the opening it will glow a Orange/Red or Salmon color. 

 Follow instructions for the specific product your are firing. 

Downloadable firing instructions at:

How can I protect the element surface when Enameling?

Use our new custom fit Mica Disc. It's made of the finest Mica available.

How are the Keum-Boo covers used?

Keum-boo is preform with one of the brass covers placed on-top of the kiln.      

The Controller will allow you to adjust the temperature up or down depending on how fast you want the Gold to fuse. 

How do I Anneal wire?

Annealing is preformed with the lid off simply install your wire or piece on the element and wait until it is glowing red. Use of the temperature controller to lower  temperature may be necessary for very fine wire.

How to fuse Gold & Silver?

 When fusing Precious metals put your piece in the kiln with the lid off. With handheld torch use a light sweeping motion, sweeping the flame back and forth until you see the flashing point of the metal quickly remove the flame.

Which UltraLite Kiln is best for me?

The Beehive model is ideal for most processes, if you are enameling or firing large pieces it is recommended to use the Studio model. The 120V Studio has a larger element mass and will provide  more available heat. The 240V Studio Kiln has the larger element and was designed for use outside the US. Select  Kiln