World-Class UltraLite Fine Jewelry Kilns

Keum-Boo on fine Silver with Pam East

Bonding fine Gold to Silver

Pam East 

"My favorite method bar none is the UltraLite Kiln"

Firing Metal Clays by Karen Trexler

Metal Clay Firing demo from Cool tools using the UltraLite Studio Kiln.

Keum-Boo with Celie Fago using the UltraLite Beehive Kiln

Celie Fago,

"The UltraLite Kiln is the best heat source for Keum-Boo"

Granulation Video from Emory University

Cu + Au = Bling! 

The UltraLite Beehive Kiln is the ideal tool for Granulation.